The purpose of Essential Nature is to offer quality yoga and meditation retreats. As part of the retreat we aim to include the experience of nature as a key part of our practice. 

My name is Nick Edge and I am currently a teacher, and Operations Manager, at Mandala Yoga Ashram. It was here that I completed my Yoga Teacher Training under the guidance of Swami Nishchalananda Saraswati

The yoga that I teach is inspired by my time here and involves physical postures (asana), breathing practices (pranayama), deep relaxation (yoga nidra) and meditation. The aim of all these practices is to slowly allow the mind to unwind and quieten. 

It's in the space that remains that we are open to the possibility of insight and deeper understanding. 

Time in nature is a spiritual practice whether we practice yoga or not. A love of wildlife and the natural world is close to my heart and there is nothing better than sharing this with others - more about that here.

I am also particularly drawn to working with sound in my teaching - it offers great potential for deepening and exploring our practice and it is entirely experiential. We don't have to think about it or even understand it - we do it and we feel it within our being. 

Essential Nature Retreats and Workshops

Day workshops and longer yoga retreats offer us the possibility to deepen and further explore our practice. The retreats below are a perfect opportunity to do just that. On Essential Nature Retreats we aim to combine the practice of yoga and meditation with the experience of nature - bringing us to a natural place of openness and quiet. 

May 2018 - Isle of Mull Retreat, Isle of Mull, Scotland- Full (Wait list now open)

November 2018Winter Retreat (2 days/nights), Walsingham, Norfolk - Full (Waitlist open)

January 2019 - New Year Refresh & Renew, Glastonbury, Somerset - 3 places left

Why do yoga?

Yoga and meditation are entirely practical systems that allow us to release tensions in the body, mind and emotions. This opens up the possibility of living more harmoniously in our daily lives.

This process also leads to the original purpose of yoga - opening us up to insight and the realisation of deeper levels of our being.     

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